3 Recommended Taxi Brands in Jakarta

So you’re in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta. It’s hot, humid and confusing with so many people saying, “Taxi.. Taxi..” Worry not, these are 3 recommended taxi brands in Jakarta.


Bluebird group is the oldest taxi group in Indonesia. It carries Bluebird, Pusaka as regular brand and Silver Bird as premium brand. They also have car rental named Golden Bird. The drivers are nice and polite. They will take you wherever your go except Puncak or Bogor. They will charge you 1,5 times price shown on the taxi meter. Highway and parking fee will be charged to you. Download Bluebird App for easy and convenient book.  Sometimes it’s faster book Bluebird taxi from the app.

Color: Blue

Sign: White with bird image


I prefer Express whenever I need to save some money. Their taxi meter start at 6,000 rupiah. But I took extra precaution since the car doesn’t lock automatically. At night Fake Express is harder to spot. Be sure that you call Express instead of Koperasi Taxi which has a bad reputation. Express also carries premium taxi called Tiara. I used it once and got a great experience with it.

Color: White

Sign: Yellow with E image


I love this taxi brand. Gamya drivers are old, almost retired, they know every nook and cranny of the city.  Also they’re nice and warm with a lot of stories to tell. Unfortunately you won’t understand since they don’t speak English well.

Color: Green

Sign: White with triangle image


Some notes:

  • Most taxi drivers don’t speak English, please be patient to them. Indonesians are nice and willing to help as long as you being nice to them.
  • Bring a written address. Show the driver the address will be better than trying to pronounce Indonesian words 😉
  • Pay with changes. Don’t give them 100,000 for 15,000 charge.
  • Give tips. I usually give 5,000 – 10,000 rupiahs for tips. Depends on how generous and how nice the taxi driver that time.
  • Only use credit card if you’re with Silver Bird. Actually some taxi has swipe machine but no driver bother to use it.

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