40 Days Of Dating Project

Everyone I know is talking about #40DaysOfDating now. A project from Timothy Goodman & Jessica Walsh. As many knows, Jessica Walsh is a partner in Sagmeister & Walsh, a design firm based in NYC. Looking at its Behance profile, this project owned by Sameister & Walsh as well.

Interesting points about the project :

Stated very clear it needs 40 days to change one’s habit. I don’t know which habit needs to be changed, Jessica’s or Timothy’s. Further question, why they should change it?

Anyway, I like an open end experiment. The experiment exists to satisfy one’s curiosity. But then again, I really want to know their real objective, aside from learning about themselves and change habits. What will they get from this? This experiment brings a big consequences like losing a best friend.

Words accompanied with visuals are strong way to emphasize your story. They do it very very well. Collaborating with other illustrators, typographers and or audio visual artists makes the blog enjoyable to read and easier to understand.

Reflecting this project to my own life, I found Girl’s Perspective is the most interesting part. I definitely can relate to all Jessica’s posts. Yes, not every girl has problem with over planning, over thinking, insecurity, I-just-want-a-relationship or be a DRAMA QUEEN. I do have DRAMA QUEEN syndrome. I do have over thinking problem. I do listen to my friends too much. I definitely have INSECURITY problem. Not healthy for any relationship, not just romantic relationship.

After all, my biggest problem is communicating my feelings. I don’t feel I’m allowed to tell my partner/boyfriend/date everything. I need to hold up. Simply because my attempts will be translated into DRAMA and or COMPLAINING. But then again, how I communicating will make a big difference anyway. That’s the point I’d like to learn from their experiment.

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