My First Ever Songkran in Bangkok


Human, human everywhere.
Water guns, water guns everywhere.
Cold water, cold water everywhere.
White paste, white paste everywhere.

It was how my first ever Songkran going. I decided to stay in Bangkok for Songkran. Despite so many negative stories about how Songkran ruined Bangkok daily life. I want to experience it first hand. I like to see how Thai people celebrate their New Year.

I was adventuring in Silom Road. Get off from Sala Daeng BTS station and geared up with phone covered with zip lock bag, first thing first is taking picture! They poured water like crazy!

Other than water, they have a white paste coming from baby powder or some white thingy. They put it on my face. Some were very gentle and nice, they asked for my permission and I replied with Sawadee Pi Mai. it’s a new year greeting, I think.

Do you need a time off? Go to BTS stations or malls (if you’re dry enough, they’ll let you in). They didn’t do any water wars inside those places.

You can find water guns easily. A little bit pricey but you buy experience not the water gun. Uh yeah! Picture above is a water gun stall in Silom Road.

I headed out to Khao San Road. Together with new friends who are sooo nice and fun group of people! We team up and shoot water to another group :p Hahaha. It was crazy in Khao San. So many cute travelers! We managed to have dinner in a never close restaurant with bamboo and pandas for decoration. You need to eat so you’ll get new strength for another water war! Hahaha.

To close the day, I went to Route 66 in RCA. RCA is a entertainment complex, full of young Thais and some foreigners. It was a fun chaos. They poured water all night long. Yes, they were drunk. Stay sober and you’ll get the most fun looking at stuffs human does when water is pouring all night. The place was packed with human, all dancing and having fun. It was quite hard to get out from RCA. I took motorbike taxi to go home.

I think Thais are very very very good at staying wet all day. I wonder how… Now I’m on my bed, lazily and reluctant to go out. Hahaha. I need no more Songkan. Water war to be precise…

Lessons :
I found out that water guns come in many sizes, models and powers.
Wear comfortable sandals!
Wear sun glasses. Or glasses. White stuffs are not eyes-friendly.
Do not ever wear white top. I repeat, do not wear white. Unless you want to showing off your bra :p
Bring small money, water for guns are 5 or 10 baht.
Cover everything with plastic bag, zip lock is the best.
Cold water is the worst. Prepared for someone throw you cold water right on your back.
Water hurts. Hurts so much.
Dry area : BTS stations, malls, 7Eleven, places next to a guard.
Everything will be pricey. This is the time when people is coming from all over the world…

4 thoughts on “My First Ever Songkran in Bangkok”

  1. Songkran I guess is celebrated in places in southeast asia. Also the white paste is chalk and is suppose to be a kinda blessing from the monks. Hope you had enough water in the water gun to wash off the white stuff.

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