Why Blue at (500) Days of Summer?

Marc Webb, the director of (500) Days of Summer, told the film’s costume designer (Hope Hanafin) that he wanted Summer’s color to be blue – & he wanted her to be the only character wearing it. So – if you watch the movie, you will see that Summer (Zooey Deschanel) irresistibly flits about Tom’s (Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s) life in a variety of very vintage-y costumes in shades of that particular color (& a side note – I love that if you zoom in on this picture, you can see a big ol’ bandaid on her knee). 

Today, I’ve put together a bunch of vintage Etsy finds, that would fit in quite well with the rest of Summer’s clothing (if she really existed)….

starting in upper-left corner, moving clockwise – Old Age / Margaret Pearl Vintage / The Pudding Store Vintage / yolk vintage / Vonlenska Vintage

BeckyDrolen Vintage / marie’s vintage / thrush / The Greedy Seagull / Vonlenska Vintage

El Ritmo Retro / greatest friend / dear golden / Advintagous / marie’s vintage

allen company inc / Ainslie Wood Co. / Sally Jane Vintage / El Ritmo Retro


(p.s. It’s too bad that the movie & Joseph Gordon-Levitt didn’t win at the Golden Globes. I did indeed laugh my way through The Hangover, & Robert Downey Jr. is grand… but The Hangover just wasn’t as good a movie as (500) Days of Summer, and I wasn’t totally mad for Sherlock Holmes. The end!)

Owh, jadi begitu tho cerita di balik film (500) days of summer. Terima kasih @Tiessaaudia untuk linknya 😀

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